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Race Participants
Race Organisers

Race Participants

When will photos be made available?
We endeavour to process and make all photos available between 24 and 48 hours after an event. However, this is dependent upon the number of participants and we do appreciate your patience. We will post updates on our facebook page, notify race organisers and communicate via email to race participants when photos are available for viewing and purchase.
Why aren't there any photos of me?
Please accept our apologies for not having captured you on the day. There are many reasons why you may have missed out - from simply being on the opposite side of the track to our photographers, to being obscured by other race participants or even having an arm in the way of your race bib as you've been snapped. There is an element of luck involved, but we try to position our photographers with a lot of thought given to maximising the capture of all participants. When you next see us, please feel free to approach us either before or after the race and we'll make sure we get an awesome photo of you and/or your team.

Race Organisers

What services do you provide?
We provide on-site event photography and media distribution services for running, walking, cycling and swimming events within Australia.
How much do you charge to provide these services?
$0. We don't charge race organisers a fee for providing our service, provided that a reasonable attempt is made to promote our service and our products to participants and to respect the ongoing sale of photographs following the event. We reserve the right to charge a fee where the sale of photographs has been adversely affected through actions of the race organisers.
Can you assist with fundraising for our charity partners?
Absolutely. We donate 10% of sales to the charity partners who are benefiting from the event.
How soon after the event can you make photos available to participants?
We do everything we can to make photos available to participants as soon as possible after the event. Currently, we average around 24 hours after the event. This is largely dependent on the number of people participating in the event.
Can you provide finishers certificates to event participants?
Yes, we can. Often this is a feature of the web site used to provide results to participants but where this feature is not available, we can assist.
Are we able to request images from the event for marketing purposes?
Yes. You're welcome to request photos in either low-resolution format for use in web marketing (e.g. facebook) or high-resolution format for use in print marketing (e.g. posters, flyers) provided it is to benefit the event itself. Please note that providing photos to external commercial businesses (i.e. newspapers, media outlets) does not fall under this agreement and must be discussed with us.
What prices do you charge event participants for their photos?
Our two most popular products are a single high resolution digital download which is priced at $15, and the all entrant images product which allows for a digital download of all high resolution images for a specific race bib number, priced at $45. Further products are available such as print enlargements, and options include placing event logos and race time information onto images.
Do you have any other requirements?
Yes. We require that the event be timed and that event participants are wearing a bib with a race number that is clearly visible.


Do I need to create a member account to use the site?
No. You don't need to create a member account to use the site. If you would like to keep track of the orders you place with us, we would recommend signing into a member account before finalising your purchase.
Why can't I see previous orders in my member account page?
Orders that have been placed whilst signed in to your member account will be shown on your member account page. If you registered your account after placing an order or would like us to associate any previous orders to your account, please email us at with details of your previous orders.


Do I need to have a member account before uploading media?
Yes, a member account must be created and signed in to when uploading media to the site.
Do photos need to be in a specific format before uploading?
Yes. Images must be pre-rotated (we recommend JPEG Lossless Rotator, and meet minimum requirements. Image resolution must be at least 2000px by 1500px in landscape or 1500px x 2000px in portrait. Aspect ratio must be between 0.63 and 0.7 (divide shortest side by longest side) which the majority of digital SLR cameras produce and file sizes need to be at least 1MB (2-5MB is preferred). It is higly recommended that all images uploaded contain in-focus subjects.