This document describes the procedures that are in place to reward members of (here-in referred to as "the web site") for contributing to the web site by way of uploading content and making the content available for purchase.
1.1 (updated 2/9/2015)
Base Share
The base percentage by which rewards will be calculated, is 60%. This percentage has been set to allow for the donation of a percentage of profits to charity partners (currently, 10%) and takes into consideration all web site and business operating costs.
Calculation of Reward Share
Reward share is calculated based on sales of images and video provided for purchase on the web site. When content is purchased, reward share(s) are calculated for the contributor accounts related to the ownership of purchased content and are assigned to the contributor account(s) as reward points.

Reward shares are largely dependent upon the number of contributors represented in a product purchase. Generally, where products are made available for purchase that allow for multiple images (i.e. all images of a race participant), there is the potential for dilution of reward share based on the presence of content from multiple contributors.

The most simple example can be explained as follows:

  1. A single digital image is purchased, at a cost of $8.95
  2. The base share of 60% is applied to this amount
  3. The reward share is calculated to be $5.37
Accumulation of Points
Reward points will be accrued at a rate of 1 point per $0.10.

For example, if a reward amount share as calculated from the sale of content is deemed to be $5.40, 54 reward points will be assigned to the contributor account of the member.

The current balance of your reward points can be seen in the Contributor Account section of the My account page.
Redemption of Points
Reward points are valued at a rate of $0.10 per 1 point.

For example, a balance of 300 points equates to a redeemable value of $30.

Reward points can be redeemed at any time, providing that the amount being redeemed meets the 300 point ($30) minimum. To request the redemption of points, please contact from the email address used in your account sign-in, and state how many reward points you would like to redeem.
Expiry of Points
Reward points do not expire, except where a member has specifically chosen to cancel their account, in which case all points will be forfeited.